Vibrations - Sacred Clearing Mist 110ml (Lyllith Dragonheart)

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Vibrations - Sacred Clearing Mist 110ml  (Lyllith Dragonheart)

Vibrations is a high vibrational clearing mist which has been created to clear energies in your sacred ritual space, healing room, reading room or wherever you need to clear out negative, stagnant or unhealthy energies and emotions. 

Made with pure essential oils chosen for their spiritual, magickal and aromatheraputical properties to clear energy and raise energy vibrations as well as our crystal elixir of shungite and clear quartz.

Each bottle is charmed and blessed by Lyllith in ritual after being charged by the Elements.

Made with purified water, essential oils of frankincense, rosemary, cedar wood and white sage, with a crystal chip of either Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz or Amethyst depending on which stones we have on hand when making your bottle.

 *Essential oils should be avoided during pregnancy and around young infants. Please check with a licensed aromatherapist or natural therapist before use if you have any concerns.