What Is Reiki - The Mind Body Soul Series

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What is Reiki - The Mind Body Soul Series 

He explains about the history of Reiki and how we need to be attuned to Reiki before we can channel it. If you are new to Reiki, this DVD is an excellent starting point. What is Reiki features: What is Reiki Energy, The History of Reiki, How people heal with Reiki Energies, What to expect when receiving a Reiki treatment, How to become Reiki Healer and What happens when receiving a Reiki Attunement. BONUS MATERIAL – Amazing Reiki Tales featurette with Ian Welch sharing three amazing stories about the healing power of Reiki Energy. Reiki Auru Photography gallery features Photographs of Reiki Energy taken with the amazing Polycontrast Interference Photography System. Profile on Reiki Master Ian Welch. Featuring music from ‘What is Reiki?’ CD